rain is here to stay

Since today was my first day off in a while, I got to sleep in until 11 pm, which was amazing. It was still relatively dark in my room because the sky was completely clouded over. I kind of wanted to go out in the sun today, but since I could tell it would be a rainy day, I just prepared some yummy oatmeal and reserved to watching The Office, which I’m almost done with!


My oatmeal almost always consists of banana, peanut butter, chia seeds, and honey. Today I had some blueberries left, so I threw those in there as well. It was delicious. Seriously, if I don’t eat this, my whole day feels off. It’s my most kept up with routine.


Processed with VSCO

You can’t really see it in this picture, but I ate my lunch out on the porch, which overlooks these mountains. Anyway, you could see the rain in the distance, and it was super beautiful to watch. Summer storms in the south are windy and humid and one of my favorite things about living here.


It’s funny too, because I took a picture of the sky above me and there was blue skies. As I write this post, the rain has stopped and there are birds chirping!


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